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Take the challenge, stress, and time out of having to come up with your own indoor cycling workouts. We know how difficult it is to design a series of workouts that are stimulating, effective, have variety, and are fun. Whether you want them for teaching class or your own workout, now you don’t have to struggle!

By joining our team; you will have world class workouts delivered directly to your inbox twice a month. Each workout and series of drills in our library is based upon fundamental scientific principles integrated into cycling.

So join us for a cool mix of Great workouts and Fun!

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  • Avoid the stress and hassle of creating new workouts while keeping your classes fresh and stimulating! Receive 2 or 3 comprehensive workouts of your choice (45, 60 & 90 minute options) delivered conveniently to your inbox.
  • Expand your knowledge and enhance your expertise by receiving the latest scientific information and research on cycling and sports performance.
  • Be confident knowing your questions regarding indoor cycling workouts and sports performance will be answered because you have direct access to the “Indoor Cycling Doc.”
  • Expand your networking opportunities and relationships with other indoor cycling instructors, coaches, and athletes via your “Members Only” community blog.
  • Discounts on cool products and services from partners/affiliates.
  • Opportunities to take free cycling vacations.
  • Exclusive access to interviews with top indoor cycling instructors, coaches, and exercise scientists around the world to bring you “insider information”.

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